The Bearded Awesome

TV/Media Commentary and Societal Insights. With a Beard.


What’s your history with blogging?

I had a Xanga as a teenager.  I did mostly personal teenage whining, but I did do a couple of “what to watch” entries that made me realize how much I enjoyed writing about TV.  Instead of, you know, serious important world matters.  I also blogged on MySpace and LiveJournal for a time.  And then my friend tried starting a gaming and comics blog that I did a guest entry for (I can’t even find it anymore, though the entry I did was kind of awesome.)   Tumblr was next, but that quickly turned into me reblogging pictures and drunkenly arguing about gender and body image issues.  This was the next logical step…I guess.

Why did you start this blog?

I’d tried blogging many times before, but never really succeeded.  And then my friend Craig, who runs a TV news site called KSiteTV, offered to let me write for that.  I wanted to get back into the groove of writing consistently before I started, since there would actually be real people reading what I wrote, so I created this blog right before to help the juices flow.  It’s been a pleasure continuing it, and the Life and Society stuff especially can be kind of a catharsis.

What’s your blog schedule like?

There is always at least one Life and Society article a month and hopefully a TV article to accompany it (though sometimes not.)  Sounds pitiful, but my excuse is that I do have a consistent schedule for KSiteTV, and have managed to write an average of 2-3 articles a week there (only less if there’s just nothing happening on TV.)  There are always many article drafts in the queue, but since the content on this blog is usually pretty hefty, I enjoy taking quite a bit of time to perfect them.  So there’s plenty more to come, even if you have to wait.

What do you do for a living?

For fun, I work in the box office of a very cool theatre company.

As for, like, a real person career thing?  I’ll get back to you on that.

How old are you?

Old enough to own a Talkboy from Home Alone 2 but not ironically.

Are you single?


Tips for growing a beard?

Push as hard as you can, all the time.  Like you have to do when you’re constipated, except not on the toilet and with your face.  If needed, spread on some butter before bed.  That sometimes helps.

On that note, what’s with the name of your blog if it isn’t a blog about beards?


a) It’s my persona, because I think I’m awesome and I have a beard.
b) The beard represents the greater part of humanity we should all strive for, and if we can all be collectively “bearded” it would bring the world together, which wouldn’t just be a awesome, but a Bearded Awesome.
c) My beard is just me compensating so I have to mention it in everything.
d) Titles are hard.

Pick one and don’t ask again.

Any famous connections?

I met Stan Lee once.  He told me “good job.”

"Good job" at being adorable, obviously.

Dan Harmon also tweeted that he loved me.  So basically we’re getting married.

People actually ask these questions?

Get out.

Follow me on Twitter and Tumblr and get to know me more!  I guess I say some cool stuff sometimes?


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