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Premature Thoughts on Ultimate Spider-Man TV Series

I’ll admit, the wound left by The Spectacular Spider-Man‘s premature (and ill-timed) demise still hasn’t healed yet.  So it’s no surprise that the show following it is going to have to work reaaaaaally hard to find a place in my heart where I’m not constantly thinking in the back of my head “Greg Weisman could do this better.”

There hasn’t been a TON of information released about it, but I did feel like listing some of my thoughts.  There’s a lot more discussion on the what I don’t like section, but only because what I do like is so much more straightforward, and much of what I don’t like is based on speculation.  Overall, I’m just on the fence and still waiting for what’s to come–this is all based on preliminary stuff, so the only thing to do is wait until its ever-nearing premiere (slated to be sometime in the next few months.)

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