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So, what’s the deal with gay people, anyway?

After showing this conversation to a few of my friends, I’ve been told that my response might actually be beneficial to publish and share online, for people who a) Want to see how I handled someone hell-bent on believing homosexuality (or any non-straight orientation, I guess) is a choice; or b) Are legitimately interested in what the deal with gay people is, or something.

I normally save this blog for articles and keep personal insights to my Tumblr, but I thought people who enjoyed my very early piece, 4 Reasons I Would Never Choose to be a Gay Guy, might enjoy my response, which is basically a more mature, in-depth evolution of that comedy article.

I also figured, if I devoted the energy to craft such an in-depth response to someone really ignorant and undeserving, it might be worthwhile to share it with people who ARE worth putting that much time and effort into. So this one’s for all of you. Hopefully you’ll be enlightened or entertained.

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4 Reasons Why I Would Never Choose to be a Gay Guy

I’ve been “officially” out of the closet for a little over 9 months now, and while at first I was just kind of “meh” about it all, after getting out of the comfortable college atmosphere and thrown into the world of working 9-5 and still living with my parents (who don’t know I’m gay) I’ve started to make some observations. Nothing profound or monumental, just logical conclusions about where my life is headed.

Let me put this out there–I’m proud to be who I am and all that, and I don’t hold any malice towards what life has handed to me at all.  I also figure that once I settle down and actually do the “man having relationship with man” thing, any semblance of insecurities will continue to die down.  However, there are things that will occasionally pop up in my brain and make me realize “Holy shit, this kind of sucks hard sometimes.”  And thus, regardless of scientific evidence, my belief that homosexuality could not be solely choice comes from the idea that I sure as hell wouldn’t have chosen it.

Before you jump to conclusions about that statement, read on to see my explanations laid out in a way that in-no-way-whatsoever resembles a article that I in-no-way want to write for one day.

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