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5 Startlingly Common Misconceptions about Customer Service

Ever since “The Customer is Always Right” mantra was coined at the beginning of the 20th Century, anyone with a title ending in something like “representative” or “associate” or “assistant” was pretty much doomed.  What began as a nice, simple business model to make sure the customer felt special grew into a horrifying, selfish, hate-filled beast ravaging every restaurant, front desk or cash register in existence.

A horrifying, selfish, hate-filled beast.

Customers uncovered the idea, realized they could get mileage out of it, and turned it into a weapon. Nowadays, it’s the norm to completely blow up on the person handing you your coffee because JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, WHAT KIND OF A COCKSUCKING ASSHOLE FORGETS THE WHIPPED CREAM?!

But come on, those idiot employees have to try really really hard to screw up such simple jobs, right?  So why don’t we explore the true evils hiding behind the front desk.

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