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New Retrospective Review Blog Up!

If you’re interested, check out We Live Again!, a episode-by-episode retro-review for the 90s actions cartoon Gargoyles. Much of it is for fun and for me to play around with different reviewing styles that wouldn’t quite jibe with KSiteTV, but it’s also a reason to go back through what’s still a very solid show and get further some insight into it. If you’re a longtime fan or a newbie, you should get some enjoyment out of it, so take a look!

Currently I’m putting up two reviews a week on Monday/Tuesday and Friday/Saturday, depending on my other obligations. It may change after we’re out of the five-part pilot, but as of now there’s plenty of Gargoyles goodness coming your way!

Check it out!


5 Reasons Why You Should Read My Articles

Alright, this isn’t a whole piece on reasons why yours truly is great (that should be self-explanatory.)  But it is a list of five things I’ve written for KSiteTV in the past couple of months, in a lame attempt to save face and prove that the hiatus from this blog wasn’t pure neglect.  Rest assured, The Bearded Awesome will be up and running for the summer season, beginning with a new Life/Society article this week and a new fun little TV-centered series next week.  Until then, here’s a sample of my other pieces from the past two months (the rest of which can be found here.)

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Bearded Update

Many websites will be participating in the SOPA strike, so check out that link to learn more and support the fight against SOPA!  I’m going to try and see if I can get WordPress to black out my blog in support, but even if it doesn’t–spread the word!  There’s going to be a reason you can’t run to Wiki tomorrow…

Don’t Britta This Opportunity: How Community Could Make NBC Streets Ahead

Community is a show on thin ice, on a network on thin ice, in a new era of television also on thin ice.  Whether you’re a fan or not, Community has now become the poster show for everything that’s both wrong and right about television and its fans: there are plenty of viewers, but few of them watch it live. It won TV Guide’s Fan Favorite of 2011 contest.  IGN voted it Best Comedy of 2011.  In’s 2011 poll it not only won Best Series, but also Best Comedy, Best Comedic Actor (Donald Glover) and, hilariously, Most Underrated.  With fans on the internet outnumbering fans in the ratings, Community is representative of the age of online media and its effects on the industry. And as NBC struggles to find a place for it in their schedule, the network might be missing an opportunity to make the next big leap in current media.

Check out my full piece at KSiteTV–a little lengthy, but it’s worth it!

In case you were wondering, more original blog material will be coming in the next couple of days.

The Beard is arbitrary, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t Awesome.

This is the whole first post thing where I explain my intentions with the blog, I guess, right?

Well, this is going to be a bit of an experiment.  For now, there will be three types of things published:

1) Media analyses/reviews (mostly TV, as that’s my forte, but occasionally movies and comics) in article form
2) Life and Society articles, using the pop culture-y mindset I’ve gained from my media analyses to make my little insignificant 20somthing insights entertaining and enlightening (and similar to what you’d find on Cracked)
3) The most experimental (for me) part of it–a comical video series of essays/reviews/retrospectives on forms of media (again, mostly TV, and in a form similar to some producers on ThatGuyWiththeGlasses)

In any case, look forward to an ever-evolving style–if something seems to be hitting more of the right notes, the blog might shift focus.  We’ll see.

The next few articles will be ones that were posted on my Tumblr before it became more of a “reblogging funny pictures” blog.  They fit into the style I want this blog to be (for the most part) and aren’t yet out of date.  After this, I’ll start posting some new stuff, and hopefully by mid-January, episodes of the video series will be ready to launch!

My qualifications?  I’ve written numerous unpublished and undergraduate research on the likes of Power Rangers, Gargoyles, the Superman franchise, and more.  But I imagine “unpublished” is the key word here–so here I am, sort of “self-pubishing” my insights, analyses and sometimes parodies in entertaining and funny ways.  Oh, did I mention I won a contest on IGN once and won a TheCW Prizepack because I wrote about how much Smallville meant to me?  That was really awesome.  Also have something called a “Liberal Arts degree” and it involves this kind of stuff sometimes, but no one really pays much attention to that.

In any case, I hope you enjoy this little ride.  I hope you find something entertaining and enlightening, or you learn to look at oftentimes overlooked forms of media a little differently.

Enjoy!  And savor the beard!