The Bearded Awesome

TV/Media Commentary and Societal Insights. With a Beard.


The Beard is arbitrary, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t Awesome.

Here will be the home of my articles, which rotate between being primarily about television (with splashes of current media/pop culture) and general lifestyle insights.

My qualifications?  Currently, I write features and reviews for KSiteTV.  I’ve written numerous unpublished and undergraduate research on the likes of Power Rangers, Gargoyles, the Superman franchise, and more.  But I imagine “unpublished” is the key word there–so here I am, sort of “self-pubishing” my insights, analyses and sometimes parodies in entertaining and funny ways.   Oh, one time I won a contest on IGN once and won a CW Prizepack because I wrote about how much Smallville meant to me.  So that was, like, really cool.

In case you hadn't guessed, I'm adorable.

Also I have something called a “Liberal Arts degree” whichI guess involves writing and stuff sometimes, but no one really pays much attention to that, honestly.

In any case, I hope you enjoy this little ride.  I hope you find something entertaining and enlightening, or you learn to look at oftentimes overlooked forms of media a little differently.

Enjoy!  And savor the beard!


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