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5 Reasons Why You Should Read My Articles

Alright, this isn’t a whole piece on reasons why yours truly is great (that should be self-explanatory.)  But it is a list of five things I’ve written for KSiteTV in the past couple of months, in a lame attempt to save face and prove that the hiatus from this blog wasn’t pure neglect.  Rest assured, The Bearded Awesome will be up and running for the summer season, beginning with a new Life/Society article this week and a new fun little TV-centered series next week.  Until then, here’s a sample of my other pieces from the past two months (the rest of which can be found here.)

1. Community Recaps/Reviews for the latter half of season 3 – The recaps are fun and all (though sometimes contain glaring mistakes…ahem) but the real things you might treasure are the review portions.  As the season went further down the rabbit hole, the reviews became more of in-depth essays analyzing the themes (“Pillows and Blankets”) and characters (“Virtual Systems Analysis”) depending on what elements the episode hinged upon, rather than just breaking down and reviewing the technical aspects of the show. 

2. It’s Morphin Time: Reasons to Still Love Power Rangers – The first entry in what will be an ongoing “TV Flashback” feature, the title is pretty self-explanatory.  This (aside from the whole childhood thing) is why I’m virtually incapable of growing out of Power Rangers and will one day make it to a Power Morphicon.  ONE DAY.

3. Does “Accessibility” in TV Matter Anymore? – An editorial I began weeks ago, only to shift perspective immensely after the firing of Dan Harmon on Community and Fringe‘s final season renewal.  Essentially, the question is: does the concept of struggling—but critically-acclaimed—shows like Fringe or Community needing to “be retooled to attract new viewers” make sense in a modern television landscape where people want to watch a full story from beginning to end, not drop in the middle of it?  If you’re interested in the ongoing “Creativity vs. Business” discussion, it’s worth a read.

4. Everything Under The Sun: Summer 2012 TV Highlights – One of the more news-y features, but still should be a fun read.  There’s a TON of great TV this summer that’s coming out, both new and returning.  Personally, I’ll be keeping up with Breaking Bad, Futurama and Louie for sure, and I’m interested in HBO’s The Newsroom, if only because of the current state of journalism right now.

5. Being Human Recaps/Reviews for season 2 – Though it’s far from my favorite show, this is notable because it’s the first time during my 6 month tenure on KSiteTV that I’ve been able to review an entire season of a show.  There’s also a pretty clear learning curve as I honed my reviewing style to the more analytic/essay style I do now.


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